My Story

“Lovely branches grow from nourished roots.”

I serve in many different roles in life and humbly juggle multiple responsibilities. Two of my favorites — being married to my loving husband and also being “Mama” to our beautiful baby girl. We are raising an Aussie-mix fur-child (dog), and she is just as much a part of our little family. I grew up in a great big family in Texas and treasure each unique relationship I am a part of. We continue loving to find reasons to ALL get together, and when we do, laughter, music, and deep conversations always happen in some form.

When I married my husband, I became part of his wonderful family who has always treated and loved me as one of their own since the beginning. I’m grateful for many friendships that have stood the test of time and numerous “like family” members who have poured into my life throughout various seasons. Life is made much richer and more meaningful within community, and I sure wouldn’t be who I am without mine.

-My journey to becoming a health coach began many years ago after a visit to the ER revealed my husband was experiencing an abnormal amount of preventricular contractions or “heart palpitations.” The uniquely scary thing with his situation was he was experiencing a fluttery beat every minute for weeks on end. Because of this, his quality of life was very much affected. At the time, his doctors didn’t have any solutions and they feared if it continued, it may develop into a more serious heart arrhythmia. His only option from their best knowledge was trying out a beta blocker medication.

After doing some research on the side-effects of this medication, we decided to see if there were any alternatives. During this time of investigation, a friend shared that my husband could possibly have an intolerance to gluten. At the time, we knew nothing about gluten intolerance, but hopeful for a solution, we immediately experimented with a gluten-free diet.

To our surprise, within three weeks, he noticed a very significant decrease in the palpitations, and within two months they had completely disappeared. His cardiologist was pleasantly surprised as well. Amazingly, my husband also noticed several other positive changes in his health that included: no more debilitating headaches, a significant decrease in afternoon fatigue, disappearance of daily morning acid reflux, and a decrease in overall body aches and pains. I also personally experienced an increase in my energy level, a decrease in the occasional aches in my wrist, and great improvements in my overall digestion process. 

We were completely intrigued about this new way of eating and yet full of SO MANY QUESTIONS about gluten and our other food choices in general.

A new passion began to grow within the both of us and together, we devoted much of our free time to learning about health, nutrition, therapeutic foods, and root-cause medicine. What we learned and experienced opened our eyes to the power of lifestyle change and food as medicine. When the timing was right years later, I found myself excitedly enrolling into the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Now I am a practicing functional medicine certified health coach – loving where I am, what I do, and WHO I have the GREAT privilege of working with. 

The eucalyptus on my website and in my branding are reminders that lovely leaves come from nourished roots. The leaves themselves are not only strikingly beautiful, but the oil that is derived from them has many therapeutic health benefits and valuable uses. In a similar way, when we nourish our roots –the depth & complexities that makes us who we are, including our lifestyle choices, we produce a lovely life that nurtures other lives. Our impact on others is beautiful, beneficial, and unique only to us. Taking care of our WELLness allows us to be more present and connected to those around us.

Your life is remarkably valuable, especially unique, and exclusively beneficial. 

As a health coach, I am extremely passionate about helping you stay nurtured and nourished so you can be the best you — for YOU and for all the people in your life. If you want help finding your way to your best self and experiencing how good you were designed to feel — I’d love to partner with you.

In love & health,



My Approach

“My coaching approach is first and foremost all about you.”

I value developing a positive relationship of trust and mutual understanding throughout our time together. I am not going to make you feel judged or attempt to tell you what to do by giving unsolicited advice. Instead, I work as a guide, a collaborator, an accountability partner, a source of support, and when needed, an educational mentor. I have been trained to view wellness from a functional & holistic perspective, so through our sessions, I will offer you opportunities to examine how your lifestyle could be impacting your physical well-being.

If desired during our sessions, I am trained to offer specific techniques to help you improve your wellness. However, each session will flow based on what you need and want to work on as a unique individual. I will offer as much support as requested.

In addition to my in-depth training, I bring my own personal set of character strengths. I utilize my strengths of love and kindness to hopefully help you feel uniquely valued and emotionally safe during every conversation. I apply my strength of spirituality to look at life from a larger scale and higher purpose. I tend to be a highly positive individual who doesn’t sweat the small things in life. I am also not afraid to help you explore your sense of purpose, if desired. Through my strength of creativity, I aim to help you look outside the ordinary and search for creative solutions to problems. With my sense of hope, I believe that success can very much be achieved, and I choose to look at the best aspects of people. With my love of learning, I recognize that I do not know everything. Research is constantly changing and with that, knowledge increasing. I commit to continue learning alongside you and I value spending time learning in my personal time.

When it comes to your WELLness everything is connected.

Coaching works with all that makes you – YOU.

My Process

“The coaching process is about EMPOWERING you to become the healthiest version of you.”

As your health coach, I partner with you to help you move forward into creating positive lifestyle habits so you can feel your absolute best.

In our first session, we will focus on your unique health story and the goals that brought you to coaching. We will examine all aspects of wellness, and identify areas that you feel are out of balance or have become neglected. Some of the areas we may explore include: response to stress, eating habits, relaxation, sleep quality, self-care, life fulfillment, exercise/movement, thinking patterns, and relationships. As we narrow our focus on an area of desired growth, I will come alongside you to co-create attainable and realistic action-steps to reach your goals.

Each week we meet, I will be a source of accountability and support. We will celebrate even the smallest areas of growth and together, problem-solve to help you overcome barriers and stay on track.

Let's do this together.

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